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About this webinar

Due to the sporadic nature of foodborne pathogens, traditional control methods based on finished-product sampling are insufficient to ensure the safety of processed foods. That’s why process validation is a key component of a food safety plan. This webinar will provide an overview of current validation strategies. A specific focus will be placed on the role of surrogate bacterial solutions when conducting in-plant validation studies. Case studies in the environment of low moisture foods will be presented. The webinar is aimed at food safety professionals, microbiologists, lab and R&D professionals who wish to learn more about process validation and pathogen control.

Learning outcomes:

  • Reasons for Validating & Regulatory Perspective (FSMA)
  • Overview of Current Validation Strategies
  • Interest of Non-Pathogenic Surrogate Bacteria
  • Proper Study Design: The Worst-Case Principle
  • Case Studies related to Low-Moisture Foods’ Validation
  • Beyond Validation

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Pablo Alvarez-Martin, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Novolyze

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