The consumption of fresh and fresh cut produce continues to increase globally. Technological advancements have in turn aided in increased global production of fresh produce to meet the increasing demand. However, there is serious concern as to whether this increase in supply and demand is leading to safety issues, as showcased by the alarming number of outbreaks associated with fresh vegetables and fruits, in the US as well as globally. This webinar aims to address the various pain points of potential contamination in the processes involved in bringing food from farm to market, the regulations overseeing the production, while demonstrating a selection of Pall Products designed to address this urgent need for improved microbiological safety concerns, from microfiltration to rapid microbiology technology.  

Learning outcomes:

  •          Statement of necessity
  •          Snapshot of steps requiring microbial safety in the processes
  •          Regulatory requirements
  •          Available Methods of detection
  •          Effects of accurate testing
  •          Pall Product selection


Sneha Hariharan

Field Application Scientist, Pall Laboratory


With a focus on the microbiology and cellular portfolio, Sneha has a Master's degre in Molecular and Cellular biology from Pennsylvania State University. 

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