The Seven Sins of Seafood


With seafood and aquaculture being the most valuable and highest traded commodity in the world, it’s an industry which inevitably is the most susceptible to fraud. With one in five out of 25,000 samples tested worldwide being mislabelled, fraud comes in many forms and is often referred to as the '7 Sins of Seafood', following the Elliott Report of 2014.

Fraud negatively impacts food safety, quality, sustainability and our environment. Throughout this webinar, Professor Chris Elliott will explore these sins and evaluate how analytical science tries to detect, and ultimately deter, these frauds from occurring.


Professor Chris Elliott

Professor of Food Safety and Director of the Institute for Global Food Security


Chris is currently Professor of Food Safety and Director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. He has published around 300 peer review articles, many of them relating to the detection and control of agriculture, food and environmental related contaminants. 

His main research interests are in the development of innovative techniques to provide early warning of toxin threats across the agri-food chains. Protecting the integrity of the food supply chain from fraud is also a key research topic and Chris led the independent review of Britain’s food system following the 2013 horsemeat scandal.

Over the years Chris has developed a high level network of collaborators across Europe, the United States and Asia. He co-ordinates and participates in multiple European framework research projects. He is a founding member of the International School for Advanced Residue Analysis in Food based in France. He is also a visiting Professor at the China Agriculture University in Beijing, a recipient of a Winston Churchill Fellowship and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Society of Biology and the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

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